Case Study - University

The university was looking to increase its number of applications for the 2018/2019 school year.

Case Study - Utility Company

The utility company wanted to run a Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign to inform individuals they were working in their neighborhood.

Case Study - Hospital

The client’s goal was to raise awareness for their educational offerings, increase the number of patients for new medical programs, and attract new patients for primary care visits.

Case Study – Resort Festival

Case Study - Law Firm

The goal of this campaign was to target wealthy individuals who may be considering a divorce. In addition, the campaign was designed to reach people who needed Estate Planning, Will & Testament and legal asset protection.

Case Study – Home Healthcare Provider

Case Study – Convention

The convention and visitors bureau wanted to increase awareness among their target audience of event planners.

Case Study - Non Profit

A non profit organization sought to raise awareness about the harmful health effects of drinking soda via a programmatic video advertising campaign.

Case Study - Eye Care Provider

An eye care provider needed help promoting a discount offer for glasses and contacts via a programmatic advertising campaign.

Case Study - Law Office

Despite having an excellent reputation, as well as great repeat and referral clients, increased competition in made acquiring new clients more of a challenge than it had been in recent years.


Social Media Content

Social Media Content

You hear from lots of people that advertising on social media is the way to go for your business. Because you hear it so often you probably don’t doubt it, but how do you make sure that you don’t waste your valuable time or resources because you have no idea what it takes to get started?

What Is Malvertising?

What Is Malvertising?

Malvertising, a combination of the words malware and advertising, is a method used by cyber criminals to use legitimate websites to trick or scam their users into providing sensitive information or installing malware and viruses.

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