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Case Study:


Campaign Goals & Details

In February of 2019, 535media was challenged to create a digital campaign with two different targeted programmatic display tactics to maximize the excitement around the Pittsburgh Auto Show and drive awareness along with physical visits to #1 Cochran dealerships.

To meet the challenges, we did the following:

      1. We created a geo-fencing conquest campaign targeting 23 competitor dealerships where we served #1 Cochran display ads to anyone in the competitor’s lot or in surrounding area of direct competitors. First party location data was layered in with Software Development Kits (SDK’s) used within the apps where the ads were served (ESPN, Weather Apps, etc.) and device IDs for a more on-point location marketing campaign.
      2. We also reached auto show visitors by serving ads to an event fence around the auto show, during the days and hours the auto show was active and re-targeting these people for two weeks after the show.

Campaign Results

  • The campaigns drove 447 physical store visits across the 23 target locations.
  • We exceeded the impressions goal by 12% and earned 8,638 click through to the site.
  • The smaller event fence campaign drove 129,749 impressions and 150 clicks directly to the valuable Pittsburgh Auto Show attendees or audience.
  • The display ads resonated with users, resulting in an average session duration of over a minute.
  • The following chart illustrates that the display campaign drove 11.81% of overall users to the site during February of 2020 when this campaign ran.

Source: Google Analytics

  • These site visits through the brand specific display ads drove users to “claim their offer” around unique #1 Cochran dealerships. This is shown on the in the screenshot below:

Source: Google Analytics

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