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Case Study:

Brentwood Bank – Branding | Little Things | LAUGH

Campaign Goals & Details

The primary goal was to drive the bank’s brand awareness while connecting with the local community with a relevant and engaging message after almost four months of COVID 19 lock down or sequestering. This had to be lighthearted while reinforcing the banks theme of “main street smart” and aligning the brand as a force for good and positivity during a tough time during this pandemic

To meet the challenges, we did the following:

  1. We’ve served ads across targeted display, programmatic audio and social media advertising to reach new people across the target market.
  2. Created a competition for users to submit their “pandemic hair” and vote on the best entry.

Campaign Goals & Details

  • This branding campaign drove 3,547,661 impressions and 13,140 click throughs across targeted display, programmatic audio and social media advertising
  • The social campaign was very engaging, with 9,144 total post engagements, 41 shares and 44 post comments.
  • The messaging and creative where very important for this campaign, and below are some examples of the creative ways we connected with the local audience and drove user engagement with humor and requests for user generated content:
  • Social performance details in screenshot below, by campaign.
  • The laugh campaign added 36 email addresses to their registry of contacts
  • Additional user engagement was driven with user generated content of people in the community submitting images of their “pandemic hair,” as shown below:

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