Email marketing has changed in the last 5 years thanks to the advancement of our smartphones.  According to Site Impact, “46% of all emails are opened on mobile devices”.  

So, let’s go over some tips to help you optimize your email marketing for mobile. 

Make It Responsive  

Marketing email’s responsiveness which was thought to be optional less than 3 years ago has quickly changed to being required in today’s world. Responsive emails are coded so that your message will display correctly to your audience no matter what device they are using, whether that is a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. When you create a campaign without responsiveness in mind, the email may look great on your desktop, but on a phone or tablet, your message could extend beyond the screen size not letting your users see your offer, or break completely because the email wasn’t set up to have an option for smaller screens. I know that when viewing a marketing email if I have to pinch or stretch the message it will be going to my trash.  

Use responsive templates to automatically change the size of your message based on the user screen size. This allows the sender to see how the email will look and how various elements within the message will stack or expand on different devices. This also allows the sender to maintain consistent look and feel regardless if your audience is using GmailOutlook, etc.  All users will receive the same message and branding no matter what.  

Reduce image file sizes  

Generally speaking, load times on desktop are much faster than on mobile.  Use smaller image files to help increase the load time of your mobile emails.  

Increase links and CTA’s  

Every great email needs a strong call to action. But with mobile, they can be a little tricky to click. So, increase the size of any clickable links or call to action buttons to increase viewability and clickability. Also, consider a click-to-call. This option takes your user from their email to their phone line with just a click.  

Test your emails!!  

Testing your email is as easy as opening it on your phone and desktop to see how the email changes on the different devices. Have a friend or co-worker with a different phone? Send it to them and have them take a look. Screen sizes and specs vary by device and email provider. On a smaller screen, your logo or other branding could be pushed out of internal view making for a not-so-great user experience. So, before you hit send, make sure you are happy with how your email looks on different devices and platforms.