Digital Advertising

Case Study:



The client had seen success in the business-to-consumer market but had yet to find a partner that could help them break into the business-to-business market. The client had a CPA goal of $800, which they had been unable to achieve.


Communications Provider


Club sold more memberships than any march in 12 years and sold out every swim class.




The campaign was launched using keyword search retargeting and site retargeting. 535media optimized keywords and targeted specific domains to precisely identify customers. The next step was to use Facebook as a tactic, which has further helped acquire new customers and drive down the CPA.


535media achieved a CPA of just under $700, which exceeded the company’s goal. The company since has launched additional campaigns with increased budgets to continue to reach new businesses.

“Since starting [our campaign}, we have had record results in membership sales along with a 25% increase in our programming revenue.”

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