Digital Advertising

Case Study:

Tennessee Tech

The Challenge:

Tennessee Tech wanted to increase admissions for traditional students. To reach their target of high school juniors and seniors interested in higher education from across the state of Tennessee, we developed a robust digital marketing strategy to engage with their audience and drive student applications. 

Our Solution:

In order to effectively reach the target market for Tennessee Tech’s admissions campaign, 535media recommended a strategy that included targeted display, geo-fencing, social, and paid search along with Hulu, YouTube, Twitch and Spotify. 


  • Exceeded expectations and delivered over 16 million impressions and 57,900 clicks over a 3-month period.  
  • Drove 342,538 total pageviews to the admissions section of Tennessee Tech’s website, an increase of 72% over prior year.  
  • Exceptional CTR of 13.18% on paid search campaign 
  • 70,675 total goal completions 
  • 97.4% video completion rate on Hulu

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